Old Salty's Restaurant - Fishing Creek, MD

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Old Salty's Restaurant - Hooper's Island, Dorchester County, Eastern Shore

old salty's restaurant crab cake

One of the BEST crab cakes ever in any restaurant in Maryland. Yes, that's a bold statement, but true. Old Salty's has down home style Eastern Shore food in an old fashioned location down a long road on Hooper's Island (about 22 miles from Rt. 50 in Cambridge). The "said to be haunted" building used to be an old schoolhouse and it sits right on Fishing Creek. You won't find steamed crabs here, but you will find some excellent local cuisine. Yummy cream of crab soup, crab cakes, stewed tomatoes, rice pudding and much more.

So...about that crab cake...we ordered the broiled crab cake, not a sandwich. A metal dish of crab arrived at our table and we immediately thought, although fabulous looking, this is not what we ordered. We asked the waitress and she said "You ordered the broiled crab cake, right?". We said yes, of course. She said, "That's it".  Well, it was fantastic! Not really even a cake, just a pile of lump crab meat broiled with seasonings and butter. True decadence on Maryland's beautiful Eastern Shore.

While everything we've ever eaten at Salty's was fantastic, another stand out item is their Soft Crab Nuggets appetizer. Soft crabs that have been cut into quarters and fried...not to be missed!

old salty's soft crab

Side note: Be sure to ride through the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge while you're here. Wildlife seen from the 4 mile drive includes waterfowl, shorebirds, turtles, deer, endangered Delmarva fox squirrels, ospreys, and bald eagles.


old saltys restaurant


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