For The Love Of A Crab Fritter (Pancake)

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We had the chance to visit Maryland's beautiful Eastern Shore and as an extra treat beyond the lovely time spent there, we stopped at a crab picking house and came home with several pounds of amazing Maryland Blue Crab meat! After making the usual crab cakes, crab dip and crab imperial, we decided to search our old cookbook collection for a new recipe to try! We found a 30 year old version of "Maryland Seafood Cookbook" by the Maryland State Seafood Authority and decided it was time for fritters! Crab Critter Fritters!!!

crab fritters 1

The results? Golden Puffy Fried Crab Yummy Heaven! We were able to whip up the batter in no time, heat up the oil, drop in spoonfuls of batter and fry until golden brown. Allow to cool on racks and salt them as soon as they come out of the oil. Truly, one of the best crab fritters we've ever had. Feel free to adjust the recipe to your taste. Add Old Bay or another seafood seasoning, use your favorite biscuit or pancake mix (we like Kodiak Power Cakes Pancake Mix with all the extra protein). Use a little mayo or sour cream mixed with Old Bay to make a dipping sauce. Enjoy, Hon!

crab fritter mix the batter  crab fritter frying crab fritter done

(TIP: We were making this recipe again and found our kitchen low on oil for deep frying. We had already mixed our fritter batter, so we decided to fry them pancake style in a cast iron pan. Winner!! They were yummy and kind of like a mashed potato pancake except with crab, and no potatoes, of course! Note: we think that this same batter would work in a waffle iron, but have yet to try it).

crab fritter pancakes cast iron crab fritter pancake done

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